Who We Are

How We Start

From the beginning, we have studied the products available in the market regarding air fresheners .

We found some fundamental flaws Which we tried hard to overcome from our first production

The air fresheners spread in the market used to produce unpleasant odors that reappeared shortly after being used

Therefore, we have developed the components of our product so that it absorbs unpleasant odors and eliminates them completely

The fragrance will remain in the place for a long time.

We paid attention to even the smallest details, starting with choosing the finest materials and perfumes

Providing the latest mechanical technology for manufacturing and packaging perfumes in their various packages.

All the way to the distinctive spray to help spread the fragrance throughout the place when used with minimal consumption of the perfume,

so that it becomes a product that is not only good but also economical.

We have developed and diversified our products from liquid fresheners, sprays, diffusers,

and paper fresheners to suit all uses at home, work, and the car.

Even car wash stations to meet the needs of the market and development is still continuing.

After our success in spreading and expanding the customer base through major stores, hypermarkets,

and gasoline stations, and our presence throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt.

We moved to the Gulf market by participating in specialized exhibitions Our production was more accepted than we expected,

and there were more orders for our products in the Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf countries, so we began the expansion plan.

We have established a new factory in the United Arab Emirates to meet the needs of the Gulf market at a reasonable price and in the fastest time.

Our mission is to provide a unique, distinguished product at an affordable price.